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NDU Digital Library runs on SmartSPODAS Online Platform.This has been created in the project Transnational network of integrated management of intelligent doctoral and postdoctoral research in the fields of Military Science, Security and Intelligence, Public order and National Security Continuous formation programme for elite researchers Project co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 2013

The platform developed is a tool designed to support the complex mechanism, durable and sustainable of training and development for highly qualified human resources for excellence research in the fields Military Sciences, Security and information and public order and national security by providing bibliographic studies, courses, and web resources in digital format.

On the platform can be found both documents produced in the project but also other results of scientific research in which were involved the target group representatives, students and doctors from the National Defense University Carol I from Police Academy Alexandru Ioan Cuza, and the National Academy of Information, in the doctoral and post-doctoral complex, interdisciplinary and transnational programs, integrated in the context of scientific research at European level.

Biblioteca Digitala UNAp

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